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About DJ D Boogie

From the first time he touched the turntables at 16, to  currently rocking some of the biggest events  your area ,"The Factor" DJ D Boogie has earned the distinction as being one of the hardest working DJ's in the Midwest. He has played in venues throughout the country including Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis and even internationally in Germany.

Growing up as a military brat, D Boogie has traveled throughout the world and  experienced many cultures. Those early influences has allowed D Boogie to have an appreciation for all kinds of music and sets him apart from his peers.  

While appearing on local and national radio programs as a mix show DJ, D Boogie's first and foremost a club rocker .  From "House Music" and Hip-Hop" to Dancehall and Rock n Roll, D Boogie has the skills and the experience to please any crowd.

Currently D Boogie resides in Columbus,OH., where he has started a movement with his Alliance DJ's crew.  D Boogies worked at some of the most legendary clubs in the city including  Red Zone,Boma,Karma,Fire,Ice FLO,Pulse,Spice,Studio 69  Nivivo and Static to name a few.

DJ D Boogie has DJ'd several Hip-Hop and R&B artists including Jay-Z,John Legend,Janet Jackson, Beyonce,Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy among others. He is also a well-respected mixtape DJ with more than 100 mixtape albums to his credit. 

He has also demonstrated his willingness to throw the suit and tie on to spin for corporate and charity events for Hennessy,Heineken,Scion and Nuvo.

Influenced by his father, Larry Bell, (R.I.P) Funkmaster Flex, Mix Master Ice, Jazzy Jeff and Dj Kool Sheed and DJ A.M (R.I.P) Tony HumphriesD Boogie works everyday to be among the best DJ's in the country. 

("D Boogie) is one of  the most refreshing new DJ's to hit the scene.  He's very versatile with his musical range, from old to new.  D Boogie has the skills to put the'Boogie' in the party,"  DJ Mix Master Ice of the legendary Hip-Hop group UTFO   considers D Boogie to be one of the best young DJ's around."

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